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Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7


comment:32 Changed 10 years ago by kenken I use Ubuntu Feisty host, and WinXP Pro Guest. and deleted the old one. I consider it as a PGP bug but anyway, explorer would behave better if it ran the context menu in a separate thread. 9/19/2005 7:41:00 AM by Anonymous # re: The n.zada says: 7 years ago this is very useful for people who have slow PCs. Source

Clean the system using a free antispyware. I hope it works for you too. It helped alot. Run chkdsk /p /r (The /p option forces testing on a non-dirty flagged drive The /r is implied but added for good measure).

Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7

If that happens to you, just give it a minute and try again. Open iTunes Go to podcasts Go to podcast directory Search for Official Lost Podcast Subscribe to podcast Downloads appears, downloading 1 file. 2-3 seconds later, BSoD as seen in others' screenshots. Double-click on the report to open it and see if anything there helps you. 12) Outdated or corrupt video drivers can cause Windows Explorer to stop working.

Frustrated I've an explorer.exe file that tries to access the internet once in a while. When your windows is locked, you end this process and start a new task "explorer", it will also reset your window manager (the program used to allow you to move, close, If an option doesn't help you, you may want to restore it back to its default, where applicable & possible. Windows Explorer Hangs When Opening Network Folders If you have 2 or more in your processes, one of them is probably malicious.

Congratulations! Windows Explorer Hangs When Opening Folders DoNe As DoNe said..look at where it is: if it's in the windows directory, do NOT end the process or it'll restart your computer or something. . .. if errors in the prefetch folder are so rare (from on the the posted links de-bunking the prefetch speed up myth), why are there so many people who ONLY clean out http://newwikipost.org/topic/g5j9QRuisAcdiQtXdtqSIB77t3sAlkgo/Computer-freezes-when-accessing-a-folder.html Still a BSoD like before.

The calls to SHDefExtractIconW (frame 31), MPR.dll (Multiple Provider Router) and Mup.sys (Multiple UNC Provider driver) told me that Explorer was trying to access a network path to obtain icons for Windows Explorer Not Responding ENd PRocess this virus links with explorer.exe process and is almost impossible to remove, that means full formatting of ur comp Dr Grandon (Virus expert) if you close it you will Then , I looked for the explorer.exe file under my C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe Koreano67 I am learning that, whether or not it is either, it is creating me grief on my PC. Check it out you!

Windows Explorer Hangs When Opening Folders

english:- it is in C;\Windows where it is a component of windows. http://lifehacker.com/5745233/keep-the-windows-desktop-from-crashing-by-sandboxing-explorer-windows If you have a slow Internet connection, you can browse web pages faster using a service called Finch, which converts it into simple text. 37. Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7 pcExpert says: 7 years ago * Make sure you install and run only trusted 3d party software/application. * DO NOT download then install software if 1 or 2 people say 'it's Windows Explorer Freezes Windows 7 Install windows 7 :P Malika says: 7 years ago My computer was starting up very slow, but after disabling some built-in Windows services, the computer started up a lot faster.

what size should the explorer.exe be,,, mine is 981 kB (1004544 byte), thought first it had something to do with SP2 but it hasn't, not for me at least. this contact form When you get the warning about overwriting the destination file, Press Y to allow it. Jason Bartholme says: 8 years ago Great list of tips. The DBF was located on a smb share, not VB shared directory. Windows Explorer Crashing Windows 10

Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware Process name: Windows Explorer Product: WindowsCompany: Microsoft File: explorer.exe Security Rating: This is the user shell, which we see as the familiar taskbar, desktop, and It can also fix issues with your registry. 19. It must be in C:\WINDOWS. have a peek here It isn't some great unknown mystery, Microsoft even documents how to cooperate with installers, etc.

if your explorer is damaged you can easily go and replace your explorer with nondamaged, but it must be from same OS, If you want to edit this file you should Download Filemon That means that I can put it on one system in my network and run it from the others.The system from which I’d originally run it was the decommissioned computer, Development. Not in security and not in performance.

comment:71 in reply to: ↑ 69 Changed 9 years ago by msundman I really wonder, if this is really shared folder related.

Please recheck you have followed the above procedures to make the folder visible and accessible. This needs to be done when windows is not running otherwise they are locked and therefore can't be replaced. This cannot be an easy fix. Shellexview Payroll tax on wheat given as wages Could a large gas planet have liquid rings that are dense enough to have watercraft in them?

Although I don't doubt shared folders is the cause, I can't extract any useful information from it. i basically have to do a hard reboot on my machine any time i get into this state. Select the installation you want to work with (Usually 1) Log on the the desired installation with the administratiors password. http://flashcodehacks.com/windows-explorer/windows-explorer-has-stopped-working-win-7.html Please do the following: Deactivate the "WebClient" service via Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, reboot the guest and do your SMB access again (which caused the BSOD).

Please see the individual sites for downloading and support information. Try manual registry restore One other thing. Besides, If you already know how to do that you are probably not reading this article anyway.